Never put down or dismiss your own sense of achievement just because you think someone else achieved something bigger and better. Do not be your own buzzkill!

Humans need serotonin, which comes from so many things, including physical exercise. The good old ‘happy hormone’ seems to be something most people consider as less important than most aspects of daily life, which shouldn’t be the case!

Being proud of yourself is perfectly OK. Especially if your achievement is something you had been working towards, or never, ever saw yourself doing. Just because you ran 5kms when your friend ran a marathon, maybe they have been running every single day for ten years, and you only started running this year. Particularly with social media, it is very hard not to compare yourself to others and feel your self esteem taking a bit of a hit as others one-up your achievement without even trying to.

Always feel worthy of your achievements, no matter what it is it takes bravery and courage! Never forget the story of Eric the Eel at the Sydney 2000 Olympics:

A swimmer from Equatorial Guinea, Eric had never seen an Olympic-sized swimming pool until it was time for his heat in the 100m Freestyle at the Olympics. He swam the race in an unprecedentedly slow time of 1:52.72. This was the slowest time in Olympic history, and Eric had trouble finishing the race. Despite this, he won his heat after both his competitors disqualified themselves by jumping early. While Eric’s time was still too slow to advance to the next round, he set a new personal best and an Equatoguinean national record. He later became the coach of the national swimming squad of Equatorial Guinea.

Always be proud of what you have done, you never know what may be coming next!

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