Weightloss and Nutrition

Weight Loss

Struggling to lose that bulge? Tried diets and put it back on and some more? Take Shape can work with you on all your nutrition and weight loss needs. We can do:

  • 1 on 1 Nutriton Consultations
  • Tailored 6 week programs
  • Online based weight loss challenges – CLICK HERE TO BOOK OUR NEXT CHALLENGE

All our nutrition programs are run by our qualified nutritionist (See Tracey’s Profile) and based on our 3 Simple Steps Weight Loss Program. Our philosophy is:

  • No silver bullets,
  • No fads
  • No “dieting”!

The program works by cutting through the tangle of diet information that’s out there and shines a spotlight on what really works. Real science and clear, simple advice on how to successfully make effective changes to your life and lose the weight. We understand that it can be difficult because we have been there ourselves and you will get advice and tips that work in real life and are tailored to suit you!

3 Simple Steps 

Weight loss Program

weight loss help through a 12- week program with 3 main phases:

1st phase – Intensive – With weekly 1 on 1 meetings over 4 weeks, learn our methodology of losing weight and more importantly – keeping it off!  We review your food, behaviors and your lifestyle and provide effective advice to facilitate long-term weight loss.

2nd phase – implementation  – We continue providing support and educating you on how to make ongoing, positive changes which will continue to get results. This is through 1 on 1 meetings and online and phone catch ups.

3rd phase – You are well on your way to achieving your goals, however, support is still important. In this phase, you will continue to get online and phone call support and help. We will continue to work with you and provide advice on training methods etc.

This is a great time to join a challenge to keep up the motivation..

3 Simple Steps 

Weight Loss Challange

We can take you to running 5 k’s or more safely and loving the energy and fitness you will be gaining!

Come and join us for this supportive, education based weight loss program, helping you change behaviour and the relationship you have with food. Our most recent program  resulted in over 50kg of weight loss with our top 3 clients all losing over 5% of their body weight. This is nearly 5kg in 6 weeks – wow! Is it now your time??

3 Simple Steps ONLINE Weight Loss Challenge – 6 Weeks to challenge yourself and achieve ultimate results.

  • Weekly weigh ins/ chat with trainers

  • Weekly education based videos and support, with behaviour and nutrition modification tools

  • Private Facebook group, where you can get support, motivation plus share recipes and ideas

  • Prizes for top weight loss and participation

  • Fun activity and exercise challenges to keep you moving

  • Accountability using the Fitbit community (not to worry if you are not on Fitbit)

Take Shape Fitness 

Rodneys Story

To Tracey and the team at Take Shape. Thank you! I have just completed the online weight loss challenge and I have to say it’s got me back on track and it was so simple. Basically by moving more and eating veggies with my meals I was able to lose 10kg. I feel fantastic! The online support was amazing. The stories, recipes, daily exercise routines, hints and tips. Fabulous! And if I can do it then anyone can. Daily check-ins within the group keeps you accountable. I am so doing this again. Get back on track and feel proud and amazing”

Tracey Wright 

Our Nutritionist

Tracey has been running weight loss programs for over 10 years, and not only has she had many success stories like Rodney, she herself has lost over 45kg and kept it off since 2007!

“Losing weight is can sometimes be easy if you follow a fad diet, but then what! Evidence repeatedly shows that weight gain will occur and often gains will increase. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is the real secret, follow me and let me show you how…”

Tracey Wright Master of Human Nutrition, mother of 2, business owner and general all-round enthusiastic motivator and energiser!

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