Shannon Eastwood

My name is Shannon. I have had a lifetime of being overweight, being self-conscious, poor self-esteem and fad diets to try and make myself feel better. After gaining 30 kgs during my first pregnancy, I was told that if I breastfed my baby, not only is it great for baby, but it will also help me lose weight….this did not happen! After saying “enough is enough” to myself, I joined a gym, started working out 6 days a week and completely changed my eating habits. Becoming an aquatic’s instructor complimented this change in my lifestyle too…..I lost over 30 kgs. After having my 2nd child 4 years ago, and gaining 20 kg I implemented the same motivation and knowledge I knew I had to help me get back into shape….

I still love food and indulge in naughty treats, but at the end of the day the day it comes down to the choices I make when it comes to food and exercise. When people ask me what diet did you follow? My response is “It is not a diet, but a change of lifestyle”

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