Anthea Maclean

I started working in the Fitness Industry towards the second half of 2017 having already completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at RMIT in Melbourne. Having always been a lover of sport and gaining my very first gym membership at the age of 14, it is safe to say that throughout the course of teens to now mid 20’s,  practising a sustainable lifestyle of health, fitness and overall wellness has been my primary motivator and passion in life.

With my Certificate |V in Complete Personal Training gained from the AIPT as well as my recently acquired degree from Elixr School in Reformer and Clinical Pilates, I have developed a competent and well rounded skill-set in training the body from both a scientific and holistic viewpoint. I have now worked with both athletes, ballet dancers and seniors with vastly varying goals, strengths and limitations.

I am motivated first and foremost by my growth mentality and attitude towards life. Such a mentality makes it easy to develop new big picture goals and mini micro goals towards my own health and fitness journey whilst providing a healthy framework to achieving such goals. Secondly, my partner in crime. Coming from a previously less than healthy background to now running marathons in record breaking times all the while switching to a plant based lifestyle, he is an absolute inspiration to share my life with. It is incredible for me to watch him grow, discover and learn new things about himself as he continues to strive to reach his full potential.

Experience/ Things I’ve Done:
Bachelor Degree – Professional Communications & Advertising
Lived all over the world – Africa, Australia, Indonesia, South America
Waterpolo & Dive Instructor

I am your ideal Personal Trainer:

You are ready to be pushed, challenged and discover your new limits physically. If you want to gain perspective, mental clarity, direction and control over your nutritional choices and gut health. If you have/are suffering from a chronic injury and seek rehabilitation or tailored muscular management and recovery techniques.

Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training
First Aid & CPR
Certificate IV in Reformer Pilates
Strength and Conditioning Level 1
Certificate III in Rehabilitation Science

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?

I like to get to know my clients by asking them the tough questions. Understanding a client’s “WHY” behind each and every goal is crucial to sustaining motivation, how achieving this goal will benefit the client, how it will serve others in their life and enabling trust in the professional relationship between the client and myself. If a client’s “WHY” is strong enough, the variety, challenges and tougher sessions incorporated into programming will ensure to bring out the best in the client through every session.

Training Style:

Informative and authoritative met with a smile. I like a client to gain an understanding, learn something new about themselves, their body, their food or their lifestyle that they can take with them each session. However, I am a big goofball with a down to earth and approachable nature and I pride myself on striking the balance.

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