Anne Waters

I am a working mum who developed a love for exercise to keep me healthy and sane! Exercise is “my time” and a priority. My motto is “use it or lose it”. Especially as we get older it is so important to move and just do it!
About 20 years ago I lost 10 kilos and use exercise to keep it off. But that isn’t my only motivation. I strongly believe that exercise is important and has positive impacts on all aspects of your life – not just physical. Exercise makes everyone happier – that ‘s the best thing about it.
I have been going to gyms for 20 years and have always loved group fitness programs. I joined Take Shape last year and straight away was impressed with the different classes and approach to fitness. Take Shape is different from other gyms. You receive more personalised fitness programs that are different to what you’ve done before and will help you achieve results. I also started PT which opened my eyes to how effective personalised training can be.
I’ve loved it so much that I’ve decided to become an instructor so I can help others love it as much as me! Also working with Tracey is great as she is mentoring me on all the stuff she knows (which is a lot – just ask her!).


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