Adrian Infanti

I’m here to get you out there!

As the Director of Take Shape Adventures and a personal trainer with Take Shape, I bring many years of experience in the great outdoors. I have been outdoors all my life in outback deserts to the wilds of Tasmania and from little beginnings in Cubs and Scouts through to my work as a Park Ranger and Four Wheel Drive Tour Guide. I have spent many a day and night sleeping under the stars, on rocks, mud, sand and snow, navigating my way through the outdoors and taking on new and exciting adventures. I love being out in the wilderness and can’t wait to bring the outdoors to you.

The best part of being involved in Take Shape Adventures:

Through the Adventures Program, I have already taken clients through their first obstacle course event, have helped them around their first navigation race and adventure race, and may be guilty of getting a few hooked! Our Adventure Weekends are awesome fun, seeing clients try new things, overcoming fears, physically and mentally challenging themselves and watching their successes are all very rewarding.

My favourite activity:

Let me see… sea kayaking, back country snowboarding, orienteering, horse riding, rock climbing, bush walking, wake boarding, trail running, adventure racing, mountain biking…..

What can I do for you?

I have been training at Take Shape since 2007 and I love being fit enough to give everything a go. But what about you?…you’ve been exercising, you’re feeling fit and that’s great… but what comes next?

I believe that exercise should be practical and purposeful eventuating in people using their fitness to enjoy the great outdoors. So what I’m really here for is; to find out what potential you really have; to give you the encouragement and assistance necessary enabling you to experience the sense of achievement from reaching the top of the hill, finishing a race, climbing up a wall, or just simply being able to get outside – and above all – to make all of the above enjoyable!

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?

So if you have ever wanted to go overnight bushwalking to explore somewhere new? Or maybe give kayaking or rock climbing a go? Then I’m your man. Talk to me. I’ll encourage you every step of the way, urging you forward and inspiring you to believe in yourself, giving you the confidence to train hard to reach goals and ensure you get most from your time in the outdoors.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation & Heritage)
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Spin Instructor
Kayak Level 1 Certificate
Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
Remote Area First Aid

Training Style & Influences

Enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring and persistent.

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