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Why you should choose Take Shape

We cater for all types of goals and people; rehab, mums, weight loss, and toning up. You get an individualised program that is simple, varied and effective and we cater to both beginners and seasoned gym goers. Our trainers are intuitive and passionate and have lived your battles and won. Their goal in life is to share the love by passing it forward. Check out our trainer profiles here.

We are not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested methods founded on the latest industry science where our clients always remain at the heart. Our results speak for themselves.

  • great results
  • friendly atmosphere
  • small group classes
  • great trainers
  • better science
  • value packages

Rotational PT (RPT)

is a 45min personal training program, where you can book into a session that will run every 15min every morning and evening.

This allows you unbelievable convenience and the best value for personal training around! Our RPT program is strength based, whilst keeping your heart rate up, with individualised sessions based on functional and low impact exercises that can be progressed and regressed to suit your fitness needs and abilities. Starting every 15 minutes means more convenience and sessions to choose from, and now runs in conjunction with our fitness classes, including a core strength program.

We want you to get the most out of your community gym, so book online with over 60 sessions to choose from a week and 40 fitness classes.

My goal is Fitness...

We have the expertise to make it happen 

Have a fitness goal you have always wanted to achieve –  fun runs, marathons, adventure races, triathlons – or  just to feel great with loads of energy?

    We have the expertise to make it happen – and minimize the injury risks.

Our broad range of programs and the way we tailor a package that suits you is what makes us unique…. classes, small group PT, one on one PT, Master PT, bootcamps – a big choice that spans from the affordable to the best you can get….

Never get bored… always look forward to something a bit different… and having a social chat with some new friends… while experiencing the benefits of our fantastic functional training programs – better results faster…

Our best case study is Adrian, who has gone from collapsing after a lap of an oval and a few pushups to running a 500 km race and winning an Adventure Race, coincidently partnered by Tracey!   We have also  had a few groups complete half marathons, and most of these people hadn’t ever run more than a couple of k’s before, if at all.

Have a few questions?  Give us a ring on 9499 7491 or click here to send us a number and we will give you a buzz within 24 hours… we love a chat 🙂

My goal is Rehabilitation...

It's all about understanding human movement

Had an injury or two that is holding you back from getting fit again or doing that stuff that gives you a buzz?  Afraid of re-injury or unsure how to do it safely…  Take Shape are the experts and want to help you be your best again!

It’s all about understanding human movement and how that complex system of connected tissues work together.  Cause and effect aren’t always obvious – and really good technique is critical.


Take Shape has had some real success stories getting people back to pre-injury activities. We have also helped others who have chronic issues… greatly increasing their range and intensity of physical activity.

In a supportive and genuinely caring environment, let us help you get the best out of your situation.

Check out Steve’s video testimonial on the front page – he went from aspiring just to go for brisk walks again…. to adventure races, triathlons and more… our 60 year old pin-up boy!

My goal is Strength...

•Faster results •Real life strength 

Want to achieve a toned more muscular physique? We have the latest techniques to make it happen fast.

Because we don’t just use machines to work one muscle group at a time we get faster results that make a bigger difference in everyday life as well as superior results in muscle development.

We have male clients who have added up to 10 cm on their chest and have tripled the weights they work with. We also cater for women who want the strength and tone without bulking up.

Get that body you’ve always wanted now!  

Class 10 pack

Save 20% and get flexibility…

Simple really – save 20% off the casual rate, and use the 10 classes up at your own pace…

Do it 1 on 1, in pairs
or in small groups....

Take Shape also offers the best in 1:1 personal training for when you need that little bit more.

Maximum focus on you and achieving your goals can be beneficial when first starting for proper technique and building a base.  These can be conducted in 30 or 60 minute sessions.  Buddy training is also available.

You get more; flexibility in times and variety of trainers, but you also get: accountability,        support,  affordability competitiveness (if it works for you).

Talk to us to find out more and help choose the right set up to achieve your goals

Our trainers are just lovely...

in a kickass kind of way.... 

Our trainers are you!
We have faced the same pressures, stresses, obstacles, cravings, inertia – everything that seems to hold you back – we’ve been there too… in fact many of our trainers started out as Take Shape clients…

We are mums, dads, twentysomethings, managers, professionals – we get you because we are you…   but we’ve all learnt how to make the fitness thing work in a “normal”.. : )… lifestyle…

Have a look through the profiles of our trainers… and there will be someone there who really understands who you are and what will work for you..

Choose where you want to train...

Take Shape’s studio – 728 Heidelberg Rd:
Our studio is spacious with a number of separate training areas. We can comfortably run multiple group personal training sessions, group classes, and yoga or nutrition sessions concurrently. In keeping with our emphasis on functional training, we have large variety of equipment for trainers to choose from. This includes a few machines, and lots of other gear that gets that extra training effect for the same effort.

You can train in your home:
This offers maximum convenience and privacy for you. Great if you have kids, or are short on time. As our programs use mainly weights or body weighted exercises, you give nothing away in effectiveness. And you get a set of exercises that you can do any time that works for you. Our personal training programs can also adapt to fit your spaces and your life.

You can train in the park:
This gets you outside in pleasant unpressured surroundings. No sweaty gyms, and we use whatever is on hand to add variety to the exercises. This can include stairs, playground equipment, hills – they’re all fun ways to keep your personal training program fresh. Ideal if you get a group of friends together, adding an enjoyable social aspect. The parks are also child friendly with play equipment right there.

Want to get started?

Contact us 

Tel: 9499 7491

E-mail: hello@takeshape.com.au

Tracey Wright 

Our Nutritionist

Tracey has been running weight loss programs for over 10 years, and not only has she had many success stories like Rodney, she herself has lost over 45kg and kept it off since 2007!

“Losing weight is can sometimes be easy if you follow a fad diet, but then what! Evidence repeatedly shows that weight gain will occur and often gains will increase. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is the real secret, follow me and let me show you how…”

Tracey Wright Master of Human Nutrition, mother of 2, business owner and general all-round enthusiastic motivator and energiser!

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