Bootcamps, Runnners and Learn to Run programs

Bootcamp Body Blitz

Busy and want great results in a social environment? Our expert trainers will push you through varied and effective workouts that are suitable for men and women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.


Love the outdoors?
Want a great workout?

Our programs cater for all levels, with careful attention given to safe and effective technique. Our smaller groups will mean that you get the training you need. Programs are an awesome way to get fit and strong fast. Want to feel great? Inquire now

Daily Workouts:

hill training/stair workouts slow tempo runs
running games/fun runsleg strengthening workouts
endurance workoutsinterval training for speed



energetic activities

Runnners is an outdoor running program packed with fun, energetic activities and games. It is for those that want to run faster stronger and longer. We will help you reach your big goals!

This running program is like no other. There is no competition and you will feel motivated and empowered. There are 6 different running terrains we utilise from week to week throughout Fairfield and Alphington.

Why Runners?

learn proper form and breathing techniquesstrengthen legs and core
conquer fears of runningincrease speed, efficiency & endurance
learn myofascial release techniqueslearn injury prevention techniques
increase muscular strengthsocial and fun

Learn to Run


Feel that extra

We can take you to running 5 k’s or more safely and loving the energy and fitness you will be gaining!

You will learn:
•    to run with good technique for extra speed and efficiency
•    how to breath correctly
•    how to stretch and build the right muscle groups
•    different running techniques
•    and we will set you up to minimise problems through good bio-mechanics.

We gradually build distance and speed into the classes through the 9 week program, and by the end of you will be safely out there building strength and endurance.

Feel that extra energy overflow into your life and love that fitness!

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