No lock-in Contracts

We never lock you into a contract. Flexibility & Freedom 🙂

Pay as you go

Stop in the studio and pay for your session

We change lives!

look… move… feel fitter and healthier …. and make friends doing it.

Take Shape Health and Fitness is more than your standard gym

We don’t have lock in contracts, we are a community, our focus is on you, your goals, your health and fitness. Our studio is full of like-minded people just like you, this will help forge friendships and become a part of this community. Our classes and PT sessions are fun, social and friendly enabling you to feel safe so you can get the best out of each session and walk away feeling the exercise endorphins rushing.

We believe that our small class sizes will give you the attention you need to be your best, and ensure you don’t get lost and can stay on track with your fitness goals. We believe that with no ‘gym bunnies’ or ‘muscles heads’ you will be comfortable and unintimidated.

The benefit with our great value packages means that you can access unlimited classes and small group PT sessions ensuring you get results and stay motivated.

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Small Group Training

Is a 45 min personal training program where you can book into a session every 15 min, 7 days a week! Unbelievable convenience and the best value personal training around.

Our Rotational Personal Training program is strength based, whilst keeping your heart rate up, with individualized sessions based on functional and low impact exercises that can be progressed and regressed to suit your fitness needs and abilities. Starting every 15 minutes means more convenience and sessions to choose from, and now runs in conjunction with our fitness classes, including a core strength program.

We want you to get the most out of your community gym, so book online with over 60 sessions to choose from a week and 40 fitness classes.

RPT is strength based, functional and low impact to suit your fitness.


Take Shape also offers the best in 1:1 personal training for when you need that little bit more.

Maximum focus on you and achieving your goals can be beneficial when first starting for proper technique and building a base.  These can be conducted in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.  Buddy training is also available.

You get more; flexibility in times and variety of trainers, but you also get accountability,  support, affordability and some competitiveness (if it works for you).

Talk to us to find out more and help choose the right set up to achieve your goals


Take Shape specialises in smaller group fitness classes that give you a great all-round workout. Our class numbers are what many other studios would try to call group personal training. That means any limitations are catered for, and you get lots of one on one attention from the instructors. It also keeps the happy chatter happening because you rapidly get to know the people in the group, and the laughs mean you barely notice the sweat glowing… well almost… ?


We offer classes like Spin, HIIT, Zumba Strong, Yoga, Core+, Boxing and many more. Go to our booking page to read the detailed class description.

Our system works for you because..

We Love Small Groups

RPT ranges from 4-6 participants. We keep our numbers small to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve to keep them on track and getting things right. This helps prevent injury and keeps you on track with your fitness goals

We believe in a Holistic Approach

We believe that having programs that complement and benefit a holistic approach to health and fitness will mean that you get a more lasting and rounded approach to both health and fitness.

We Love Flexibility

We believe that the flexibility of starting our RPT sessions every 15 min allows you maximum flexibility in your day and you will no longer have to miss out on your training.



We are Family Friendly

The benefit of being a family-friendly gym is so that you can bring the kids along, and never miss a session because you don’t have a babysitter.

Our Fitness App

Download the Mindbody App, then load Take Shape Health & Fitness. You’ll then be able to book into your favourite classes and appointments and check our fitness schedule at a glance.

Available on iOS (Scan QR Code) and Android


Join with us TODAY

Join one of our many available fitness classes. From boxing classes to spin classes we know, we will have a class you will love. Join a non-competitive and friendly community of people that enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Our clients love us, and we love our clients! Take Shape health and fitness is dedicated to providing encouragement and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to all of our valued clients. Come and see for yourself!



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